Life advice that doesn't suck.

Millennials, Generation Y, 90's kids. Call us what you will, we're cool, connected, and we've got the world in the palm of our hand.

And that's not always good news. Life isn't exactly full of selfies and sunshine. We're in worse financial shape than any other generation. We're burning out in our careers at an alarming rate. And with thousands of potential dates just a swipe away, it's easier than ever to end up in a bad relationship.

Every day, we're dealing with things our schools, parents, and careers didn't prepare us for:

  • How do we choose a relationship that's right for us, or improve the one we're in?
  • What about work - how can we pick a career that actually fits us - a career that brings us meaning and value?
  • How can we become more self-aware, empathetic and emotionally intelligent - and how does that help us make more confident life decisions?
  • How can we figure out our own personal values and stop letting other people take the wheel?

We're stuck playing catch-up in the game of life.

And worse, we believe everyone else has all this "life" stuff figured out.

Reality check: most people don't. There's no magical formula out there that you don't have, or quick tips and life hacks that actually work. This isn't a problem you can solve with anxiety baking, or using a meditation app for five minutes every evening, or an Instant Pot, or "thinking outside the box."

These big opportunities and challenges are why The Ongoing exists. The Ongoing was born out of our effort to make mental fitness and self-awareness more approachable. One weekly email packed with the top hand-picked resources and insights to make you more awesome at life.

Who's behind this?

Great to meet you - we're Kieran and Sarah Tie, the husband-and-wife duo behind The Ongoing.

Kieran's a freelance writer, and Sarah's a mental health counselor. After Kieran went through severe work burnout, Sarah found many of her therapy clients were going through the same problems. They didn't have the self-knowledge and emotional intelligence to make confident choices about their career, relationships, and personal life - and worse, they had no idea how to fix it.

Our mission with The Ongoing is to help folks like yourself discover what's important, make thoughtful decisions, and spend more time doing what matters.

Become your own life coach

You could see a therapist or life coach - but finding a few hours a month feels like a stretch (and besides, most therapists don't accept anxiety cookies as payment).

There's plenty of great information out there on improving your mental fitness, harnessing your emotions, and fostering healthy relationships.

You just don't have time to sift through the mountain of "life hacks" released each day. And you really don't have time to separate the needles of solid, research-backed resources from the steaming pile of fake self-help advice.

That's what we're here for. To be a no-BS source of inspiration, ideas, and tools to live a happier and healthier life, make more confident career and relationship choices, and to become more awesome at life.

So sign up below to join us. One email, once a week.

We can't wait to help you.

- Kieran and Sarah Tie